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What is our Mission?

          Capstone Baptist Church exists to honor God by reaching people with the Good News of Jesus Christ in North Bennington, the Northeastern United States, and the world, helping them grow in their faith, thus empowering them to serve and worship God.


Who is our pastor?

          Phil Steadman        (


Who our are deacons?
     Ed Lucas           John Wellspeak


What do we believe?
          Capstone Baptist Church embraces the Baptist Faith & Message Statement of the Southern Baptist Convention. Basically, this body of Believers holds to the Holy Scriptures of the Christian faith (commonly referred to as The Bible.) We diligently strive to obey the commands and admonitions of the actual historic person of Jesus Christ.


What is our history of Capstone Baptist Church?

          This historic church was long abandoned though many people were praying for it.

          Jerry Frey of Faith Christian Fellowship in Pownal and the Green Mountain Baptist Association acquired the property and initiated the efforts of 57 mission teams who were coordinated by two remarkable and determined couples, volunteers Ed and Helen Helms along with MSC missionaries Bobby and Stella Austin.

         Partnering with the Helms and Austins and focused on getting the church body launched were first Pastor Lee and Robin Williams with Lewis and Alta Brown bringing their passion and experience to starting this loving body of Believers.

         The body of Believers met for the first three years at Grace Christian school where many of the mission teams were staying. The Steadman family joined the church in 2006 and after the Williams moved back to the Midwest, Bobby Austin and Lewis Brown alternated preaching duties. In 2008 Phil Steadman accepted the position as Pastor.

         In December of 2008 the congregation moved into this historic building. In 2011 the numbers grew to neccessitate a second service. In 2012 Capstone Baptist Church launched its first daughter church- Arlington Community Church, God is moving in wonderful ways.

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